What to Expect When You Start Treatment

The New Patient Appointment:

This is where you meet the doctor, let them know your concerns and health goals. They will perform a thorough examination, any necessary Xrays, and gather all information needed to devise the best care plan for you as an individual! 

Report of Findings:

This is where you sit down with the Doctor, review examination and any Xray findings, and discuss the best course of action for you. Here you learn what is causing your pain or issue, so you can better understand what is happening under the surface. We help build you a thorough and integrated plan to get you the best care in the most efficient way possible. A plan that is tailored to you.

Regular Visits:

This is where the fun starts! We work hard to get you out of pain, and teach you how to take the reigns to keep it that way in your everyday life. This is an active process where you learn or relearn what it takes to get better fast, and stay better even longer! We will teach you supportive and therapeutic exercises that you can take with you for life, for prevention of future injury, and teach you proper movement patterns for work, home and fitness. We take an upbeat, integrated and individualized approach to get you to where you want to be with your health.